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Primary Care

  • Wellness Visits
  • Disease Prevention
  • Care Coordination
  • Education/Engagement
Women's Healthcare Medical Service

We are ready to be your primary care providers!


Collectively, we have nearly 30 years of experience in family medicine, urgent care, weight management, women's health, and more.


We have a provider on-call 7 days a week. Just call our Main Office telephone number (703.544.7145) and leave a message. We check our messages frequently.


You will not be rushed. We devote 60 minutes to New Patient Appointments and 30 minutes to Follow-Up Appointments. When was the last time you had your provider's undivided attention for 60 minutes?


We believe in Proactive healthcare instead of Reactive healthcare. Continue below to learn more about this difference!


We believe in the Collaborative Care Model. Collaborative care incorporates mental and emotional health into physical health appointments. We have seen great physical and emotional benefits when consideration of a patients mind, body and spirit are part of every appointment.


We believe in "Complementary Medicine." This means we use a combination of traditional medicine and alternative therapies based on the needs and wants of each patient.

As with all aspects of health, we will discuss underlying causes, prescription medications, lifestyle changes, and herbal remedies that will have a positive impact on your symptoms.

Brooke Fields

MSPAS, PA-C Chief Medical Director LEAP Integrated Health

Proactive Health versus Reactive Health

So often, serious medical conditions are diagnosed only after they have already been able to cause considerable damage to your wellbeing.  Repairing your body is reactive health.  Our providers believe that the key to longevity and quality of life lies in proactive health — finding the “red flags” before they become serious problems.  Examples of things we will look for include: gut health, inflammation, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition, chronic stress, exposure to environmental toxins and sleep deficiency. 

Patient Education

The “E” in LEAP stands for Education.  The best way for you to maintain control of your health is by fully understanding your body, wellness, disease state, and treatment options.  Our mission is to give you the information and tools you need to achieve your health goals. 

Patient Advocacy & Care Coordination

At LEAP, we understand how important and, often challenging, this effort can be, which is why we partner with a certified Patient Advocate to be a resource for you, should you need it! Coordinating your healthcare (or that of a loved one) across several clinical providers while navigating a fractured and confusing system can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes patients will need to seek care with medical specialists (such as an endocrinologist, or allergist,etc.) along with their primary care provider (PCP) and they need information to flow between these professionals. 

If you find yourself struggling with understanding how to move forward, a Care Coordinator/Patient Advocate may be able to help. These professionals are by nature empathetic and creative problem solvers and strong communicators. They receive specialized training and work in partnership with you and your family. They do not give medical advice. Their goal is to help you become better informed about your care decisions, treatment options, and medical bills. They work with your healthcare team to facilitate transitions of care (for example from hospital to receiving care at home).  They can calm the fear, uncertainty, doubt, guilt, and exhaustion that you or a family member may be feeling after receiving an upsetting or challenging diagnosis. A Patient Advocate helps you manage confusion and anxiety when healthcare becomes totally overwhelming for you or for a loved one. 

Care Coordination is the active work of a Patient Advocate, and among other activities, can help with:

  • Understanding and maintaining your healthcare provider’s plan of care;
  • Acting as your healthcare “Go-Between” by connecting you with your medical care providers;
  • Understanding treatment options, respecting a patient’s right to choose, and supporting informed decisions;
  • Outlining current and long-standing care needs and goals for you;
  • Identifying barriers to care access and gaps in service or information flow;
  • Ensuring that reports, results, and notes from other physicians reach your LEAP healthcare provider;
  • Providing links to community resources to help you meet health and wellness goals;
  • Helping to manage transitions in care – over time as healthcare needs change, and over settings between immediate care and chronic disease management.

LEAP is leading the way in promoting a truly coordinated patient experience by offering the connection to a Patient Advocate as part of your healthcare team! If you believe you could benefit from these services, please let us know and we will connect you with help!

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