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  • Dr. Bao Nguyen, D. O.

  • Dr. Landon Benedetti, Chiropractor 

  • Daniel Parrish, Acupuncturist

  • Dawn Van Berkle

  • OmFLOAT, Brooks and Amy Brinson

Leap IntegratedHealthcare Partners

Meet Our Partners

Dr. Bao Nguyen


Dr. Shilpa Amin,  Leap Integrated Healthcare

Dr. Bao Nguyen is Board Certified in Family Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Family Physician. Dr. Nguyen has experience with concierge medicine and has a strong interest in preventive medicine with a focus on prevention of early cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke as well as early detection of potential serious diseases such as thyroid or colon cancer. Dr. Nguyen enjoys meeting the entire family and has developed strong bonds with many of his patients throughout the years. Dr. Nguyen is dedicated to providing the best in primary care with emphasis on compassionate, highest quality care through building long term relationships with his patients and their families.

Dr. Landon Benedetti


Dr. Landon Benedetti, Partner at Leap Integrated Healthcare

Dr. Landon Benedetti is a board-certified chiropractor with additional board certification in physiotherapy, providing hands-on full spine and extremity adjustments. Before moving to Loudoun County, he practiced in a family focused chiropractic clinic in Pittsburgh, PA. Dr. Benedetti discovered chiropractic after a shoulder injury in high school while playing baseball. Not wanting to have medications at a young age, he visited a chiropractor where he became fascinated by the treatment and how much relief he received. He adamantly wanted to learn how the body works and how to help people receive the same great experience he did. Dr. Benedetti pursued his passion for chiropractic, graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA. Dr. Benedetti resides in the beautiful town of Leesburg and enjoys playing hockey, basketball, hiking and biking. He is ecstatic to bring his knowledge and passion for helping others to the wonderful people of Loudoun County!

Dr. Landon Benedetti holds true to the belief that our body is designed for motion and when joints are not moving properly, especially the spinal joints, it can cause havoc on the body. Through everyday habits such as texting, extensive computer use, driving, working out, etc. our joints can become misaligned causing pain and dysfunction. Restoring motion to these joints with a specific gentle, hands-on adjustment, relieves this dysfunction allowing the spine to move correctly, unlocking our body’s natural ability to heal and function properly.

Nutrition also plays a large role in our health. Especially in today’s fast paced world, proper nutrition can be neglected, leaving your body unable to maintain its many vital systems, further leaving us susceptible to illness and/or injury. Nutritional advice, as well as whole food supplementation can gladly be addressed during your visit.

Daniel Parrish


Acupuncturist, Leesburg VA

Danielle Parrish is a licensed acupuncturist and has been practicing Chinese medicine in Leesburg, Virginia, since 2000. He chose to pursue a career in healing modalities because of his lifelong fascination with the connection between mind and body. With a belief that the body is its own best healer, acupuncture has been his way to integrate philosophy and healing into action.

Daniel graduated in 1998 with a master’s degree in acupuncture from Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH; then known as Traditional Acupuncture Institute). He decided to further his studies and in 2004 earned his certificate in Chinese herbology from MUIH. Daniel founded The Acupuncture Healing Arts Center in 2000 and was chosen as Loudoun’s Favorite Acupuncturist for 2016, 2017, and 2018 by LoudounNow readers and the Loudoun County community.

Daniel also has a strong passion for teaching and joined the faculty of MUIH in 2004. He is part of the Chinese Herbal Program faculty and runs the university’s student clinic for the program. Daniel also serves as a student mentor during the students’ clinical practicum.

Daniel resides in Lovettsville, Virginia, with his wife, Kari, two daughters, Felice and Serena, two Shelties, Ginger and Finn, cat, Myrh, and a dozen chickens. With his family deeply rooted in music and the arts, he and his wife love attending concerts and supporting their daughters’ musical and artistic talents. When he is not treating or teaching, he enjoys performing with his daughters at Purcellville’s Main Street Theater Productions, spending time with his wife, playing soccer, or relaxing with a Netflix marathon.

Dawn Van Berkel

Parent Coach, Autism Specialist

Women’s Life Coach

Dawn Van Berkel, Autism Specialist, Leesburg, VA

Dawn is a PCI Certified Parent Coach®, with a special interest in families that have a child with autism, sensory processing disorder, or are twice-exceptional.  Dawn received her certification through The Parent Coach Institute and Seattle Pacific University. Additionally, Dawn earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Miami and completed post-baccalaureate work in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Dawn earned a Master of Science in Business with a concentration in Organizational Behavior from the University of Maryland and is currently working towards a Master of Education in Counseling from George Mason University which will be completed in 2021.

Dawn has lived in Leesburg for 14 years, with her husband, two teenagers, and their rescue pets, Ginger and Kitty! For nearly 20 years, Dawn’s passion has been to positively impact behavior in various capacities. In corporate and non-profit environments, she has centered her career around helping people. Prior to founding her coaching practice in 2018, Dawn collaborated with a non-profit and several businesses to launch a program to teach young children healthy coping skills. She helped plan and deliver a Walter Reed Foundation-funded retreat for veterans and their significant others. For the last four years, one of the highlights of Dawn’s week has been volunteering at a preschool for at-risk families, where she intuitively gravitates to the children that need a little extra help and creates an individualized plan to help them succeed.


Premier Float Center in Northern Virginia

Dawn Van Berkel, Autism Specialist, Leesburg, VA


The OmFLOAT story begins in 2004 when Brooks and Amy Brinson purchased their first float tank, the seed of their business (Tank Room 2 today).

The two were living in Dallas, Texas and Brooks was seeking reprieve from the
symptoms of “busy mind meets modern day society”. His high-stress managerial role in construction brought anxiety, agitation in crowds and an unfocused mind. Amy’s profession was in clerical support, and she felt desk-related pain like tension in her back, shoulders and neck.

“Floating,” an emerging practice at the time, was known to support the three facets of the human experience; mind, body, and soul; and it had come to the attention of Brooks. Unfortunately, the closest center at that time was thirteen hours away.

With skills in construction and a tank for sale near him, Brooks bought a Samadhi tank for his personal use. Amy noticed the positive effects on Brooks and also began floating – they both fell in love with the experience. Not only that, they discovered a rich pool of wisdom in the float therapy community for its emphasis on healing and self-discovery.

In 2012, Amy’s profession brought the couple to Northern Virginia. While they fell in love with their new home, a need for floatation in their lives returned – but with more intensity. They set up their tank on its own floor and posted the tank available to guests online. Their first visitor was a Marine from Quantico.

Brooks and Amy came to appreciate the unique and reliable effects of the isolation tank on special populations like veterans and trauma survivors who came from many walks of life. Additionally, guests on a spiritual quest and interested in improving their meditation practice were engaging in colorful dialogues and experiencing life-altering benefits, too.

The positive response from the surrounding community was overwhelming. Visitor by visitor, Brooks and Amy would witness complete transformation – sometimes in a single session with a guest and sometimes over time. The work with the community became a priority to them and led to their eventual transition to Brinson Life Services LLC, the parent to OmFLOAT, and the Brinson’s outreach in the alternative medicine community began.

In March of 2016, OmFLOAT opened in Ashburn, Virginia and has remained true to the spirit of its initiation ever since. The center now features five elegant and private rooms with Samadhi tanks, two meditation areas with custom visual and audio experiences, and a Clearlight Sanctuary 2 Infrared Sauna.

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